A Guide to Weight Loss Supplements for Fast Results

A Guide to Weight Loss Supplements for Fast Results
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You will find several diets and diets to reduce weight. we all are indeed want a quick way to become super slim and good looking. One of the most famous ways these days are weight loss supplements for fast results.

Obesity has become a discouraging factor in our modern society. Apart from being the fat one, there are several health issues associated with obesity. When you decide to lose weight, you are tempted to look for every way possible.

It’s better to know first before you decide to use any dietary supplements to lose weight. The manufacturing of the weight loss supplements involves several chemicals that help you lose weight.

Many of the researchers and nutrition experts claim that these weight loss supplements for fast results can be harmful. However, many people use these supplements and find them effective. There is a great need for scientific research to be done in order to find the effectiveness of these supplements.

 Many of such dietary supplements are expensive and might not help you lose weight. Instead, they can be harmful to your health which means you need to know what to choose and what to avoid. 

What are weight loss supplements and how they work?

Weight loss supplements come in forms of capsules, tablets, powders or liquids. You may find them commonly in grocery stores or medical stores. They contain certain amounts of minerals, herbs, and fibre. Many people opt for weight loss supplements for fast results to escape intense exercises and tight diets.

The ingredients used in these supplements work to help you lose weight either by reducing fats or by reducing your appetite. Also, these supplements can increase the fat burning process in your body or reduce the absorption of fat. These dietary supplements also work in a way that makes you take in fewer calories so that you can lose weight.

They are also called nutrition supplements but not those which help you increase muscles or give you energy. The aim of weight loss supplements for fast results is to increase metabolism and reduce fat absorption.

The reviews of weight loss supplements for fast results are mixed and sometimes vague. Scientific research doesn’t favour the use of such supplements. Many of the products are not scientifically proven to be effective. That’s why it is suggested that you should consult a doctor before starting to use weight loss supplements for fast results.

Below are some of the top supplements used for weight loss to give you an insight into the types and how they work.

Top Weight Loss Supplements for Fast Results

1.      Caffeine

If you are looking for a fat burning supplement then caffeine is among one of the well-known. Caffeine is found in coffee, green teas, and cocoa beans and is a great source for weight loss. Those who wish to lose weight commonly start from consuming a large amount of coffee.

The fat burning process with caffeine involves boosting your metabolism. Temporarily, over one to two hours, caffeine can help boost metabolism up to 16% according to research.

To burn fats with caffeine you don’t necessarily need to take any supplements. You can take a few cups of coffee to reap the benefits. Caffeine is also found in dark chocolate and other processed foods and beverages.

2.      Hydroxycut

You would find different kinds of this weight loss supplement for fast results but this is the most common one. It also contains caffeine as well as other plant extracts along with few ingredients that are helpful for weight loss.

Those who are sensitive to caffeine shouldn’t consider taking this supplement. The side effects include nausea, diarrhoea and irritability.

3.      Glucomannan

Glucomannan is found in roots of elephant yam and is a kind of fibre. It sits in your gut to make you feel full and reduce appetite. In this way, you choose to consume fewer calories. It is one of the soluble fibres that absorbs water and forms a viscous gel-like substance in your stomach to stop you from eating.

This supplement has other health benefits like it lowers blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and is proved to be effective against constipation. Scientific study for Glucomannan has shown that it can effectively make people lose 8-10 pounds in a week.

4.      Concentrated Green tea

Indeed many people opt for herbal drinks as weight loss supplements for fast results. Concentrated green tea is simply green tea extracts rich in Polyphenol Epigallocatechin Gallate and Caffeine. Both are helpful fat-burning compounds. 

Green tea can be healthy as well as an effective way of weight loss.

5.      Raspberry Ketones

The substance is found in raspberries and a synthetic version is sold as a weight-loss supplement for fast results. Unfortunately, there is no research done to find the effectiveness of raspberry ketones. The supplement increases the levels of adiponectin; a hormone-related to weight loss and increases breakdown of the fat process.

6.      Meratrim

This weight loss supplement is claimed to reduce the enhancement of fat cells in the body. It is made up of a combination of two plant extracts that helps change fat cells metabolism.

This weight loss supplement for fast results is introduced recently in the diet pill market. A scientific study has shown that there are no side effects but there is much research that needs to be done on this supplement.

Things to Keep in Mind

Side effects

While choosing weight loss supplements for fast results, many things should be considered.  Side effects of such supplements can cause serious health problems if you are facing any health issues already. Weight loss supplements are sometimes effective and sometimes not. If you choose to take dietary supplements with medications daily, it is wise to talk to your healthcare provider.

Beware of Frauds

Several online sites show you an alluring picture regarding weight loss. Don’t go for any “magic diet” because such types of supplements don’t exist. Such products sold on the internet or by any unknown dealer could be harmful and might not help you lose weight.


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